Caregivers Program

KOM assists in-home caregivers who are caring for adults over 60 years old or adults with neurological dysfunction. Caregivers are connected with counseling, training, support groups, temporary substitute care, transportation, and more.

The goal of the Caregivers Program is to build the caregiver’s capacity to provide, manage, and improve care given to older adults or other eligible people. As well as, build the caregiver’s ability to promote and preserve their own health.

COVID-19 Updates

This past year, the Caregivers Program has focused on topics such a goal planning and developing financial literacy.  Going forward, Sarmoo is looking to incorporate other topics that are important to her clients.  One of these topics will undoubtedly be the COVID-19 vaccine.  Sarmoo hopes to draw on references from other public health resources, such as MDH and Ramsey County, to provide accurate information about COVID-19 vaccinations.  Until the pandemic ends, Sarmoo is planning on broadening her virtual outreach.  She is also enrolling new participants in the program this summer.

To learn more about the Caregivers Program, contact Hta Thi Yu Moo, Program Manager for Social Services.

Funded by the Metropolitan Area Agency on Aging, as part of the Older Americans Act Program. 


Hta Thi Yu Moo
Program Manager for Social Services


KOM’s Caregivers program serves in-home caregivers caring for adults over 60 years old or adults with neurological dysfunction.

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