Thursday, August 6

Looking Back on Karen Celebrations in Minnesota

70th Karen Martyr’s Day Karen Martyr’s Day commemorates the death of Saw Ba U Gyi, the first president of the Karen National Union. Ceremonies are […] More »

Thursday, August 6

Client Story: Postpartum Mothers

Without a pandemic, having a baby is a stressful time. Sleep deprivation, hospital bills, trips to the doctor, and postpartum depression can all put a […] More »

Thursday, August 6

Voting in the August 11th Primary

While you may know on November 3rd the United States will be holding a presidential election, you may not know that there is another election […] More »

Tuesday, July 7

Persistence in Youth Engagement

KOM Career Support The transition for youth programming through the COVID-19 pandemic hasn’t been without its challenges. For KOM, it means moving afterschool activities, youth […] More »

Tuesday, July 7

COVID-19 Testing: Who Should Get Tested, Where Should You Go, and What You Should Expect

Wearing a mask, washing your hands, and staying six feet away from others are good ways to protect yourself and others from getting COVID-19. But […] More »

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