Civic Engagement Volunteer

Purpose/objective: KOM partners with CAPI to increase civic engagement, especially among Asian Pacific Islander American communities. This is done through voter education and community outreach to make sure everyone who is eligible is registered to vote and to remind eligible voters to get out and vote leading up to election day. Hta Thi Yu Moo is the Civic Engagement Coordinator for KOM.

Key Responsibilities & Time Commitment:

  • Pre-GOTV Outreach:
    • Reach people by phone to encourage them to register to vote:
    • 5:00-8:00 PM Tuesday and Thursday, September 28th – October 26th (commit to at least one shift)*
  • GOTV:
    • Participate in GOTV (Get Out The Vote) activities during the weekend leading up to Election Day.
    • Friday, October 29th – Tuesday, November 2nd
    • 3 hour shifts in the evening and on the weekend: Friday evening, Saturday & Sunday all day, Monday evening, and Tuesday all day until polling locations close at 8:00pm.*
    • 25 shifts available

*Volunteer will be connected with Civic Engagement Coordinator for exact shift schedules and to sign up. $20 per hour stipend for your first 2 shifts!

Location: Phone bank from home, and stay connected to the shift leaders through Zoom.

Qualifications: Reliable individuals with good communication skills who have a passion for outreach and civic engagement. Must have access to a phone and computer for joining the training through Zoom and making phone calls. Volunteers must be 18 years of age or older. Ability to speak multiple languages, especially languages spoken by Asian American communities in Minnesota (Karen, Karenni, Thai, Hmong, Vietnamese, Lao, etc.) is a plus.

Measures: Volunteers are required to log their hours with KOM Civic Engagement Coordinator

Benefits: $20 per hour stipend for your first 2 shifts! Volunteers can develop their knowledge of the electoral process within a democratic political system. They also have the opportunity to work with a diverse community, and build their over the phone communication skills.

How to apply/contact: Please complete KOM’s Volunteer Application online or contact Suzanne Olive to receive a paper application. Volunteers will then be connected with the Civic Engagement Coordinator to learn more and sign up for volunteer shifts. Phone banking training is provided at the beginning of each phone banking shift

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