Healthcare Navigator

Jackie Chan, Healthcare Navigator

Originally appointed as a COVID Care Navigator, Jackie Chan has now transitioned into a more permanent role as a Healthcare Navigator for the Karen community. The Minnesota Department of Health and the Resettlement Programs Office of the Department of Human Services has partnered with KOM to continue this program with a broader scope of services.

The role of the Healthcare Navigator is to provide culturally appropriate health information and advocate for their clients. They help people work through difficult systems and get the care they need.

Navigator Hotline, 651-318-0989

Jackie serves as the main contact for Karen-speakers who call Minnesota’s Healthcare Navigator Hotline. Community members are encouraged to use the hotline to reach out with questions about finding care. Originally created to respond to COVID-19 related issues, navigators can also help callers find testing and vaccination.  

The hotline is available to all immigrants in Minnesota and operated by speakers of a variety of languages.  The languages available at the moment are Somali, Oromo, Arabic, Spanish, Anuak, Amharic, Karen, Swahili, French, Lingala, Luganda, Mashi and Hindi.


Jackie Chan
COVID Care Navigator 


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