Sayra Paw

Sayra Paw, Family Assister
Phone: 651-202-3103

Sayra Paw was born in Burma. At a very young age, she moved to Mae La refugee camp in Thailand. In 2007, her family resettled in Saint Paul, MN, and after one year, they moved to Worthington, MN where she graduated high school. Later, she went on to graduate from Bethel University with a BA in Community Health. Sayra has always wanted to serve the refugee communities because of her personal experience. She understands the challenges and barriers that community members may face with access to resources. KOM was fortunate to have Sayra join KOM as a community health intern in the spring of 2021, and they are happy to have her back as a staff member. Sayra shares, “My goal as a family assister is to advocate, build trustful relationships, and listen to the needs of the community. I look forward to working at KOM!”

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