Saw Poe Thay Doh

Saw Poe Thay Doh, Career Development Counselor
Phone: 651-202-3129

Saw Poe Thay Doh was born in Karen State of Burma. When he was seven years old, the Burmese military came to his village and burnt down the village. All the villagers fled and hid in the jungle. He finally escaped to the Thai-Burmese border and took refuge in Mae La refugee camp. He lived in the refugee camp for 11 years. In August 2008, he resettled to the U.S. and first lived in North Carolina by himself. In North Carolina, he did not have a chance to go to school, but worked for his own survival. In 2009, he moved to Saint Paul, Minnesota and lived with a Karen family. He went to Hmong College Prep Academy until he turned 21  years old. In 2011, he started attending Hubert H. Humphrey Job Corps. He successfully completed Office Administration courses and received his high school diploma in 2012. He completed an internship at St. Paul Public Works and volunteered at Como Park’s ZooBoo, the Minnesota State Fair and the St. Paul Area Chamber of Commerce. He also helped Karen churches with document typing, photography, and video recording. In January 2015, he started working at the Karen Organization of Minnesota as a Receptionist. Poe Thay Doh most recently switched roles within KOM to Career Development Counselor. He is very happy working at KOM helping Karen people and other ethnic refugees from Burma.

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