Par Yei Say

Par Yei Say, Employment Outreach Specialist

Email:  |  Phone: 651-202-3123

Par Yei Say was born in Thailand and lived in the Mae Khong Kha refugee camp (consolidated into Mae La Oon in 2002) until he moved to the U.S. as a 14 year old in 2010. He and his family first settled in Arizona, later moving to Minnesota for better employment opportunities and to live in a larger Karen community. Par Yei Say graduated from LEAP High School in 2016. After graduating, he found a part time job at Bailey Nurseries working the front desk and helping people fill out paperwork, translating and providing orientation. He then worked a full time job at the Radisson Blu Hotel near the Mall of America, but felt that he should be using his skills to help the Karen community.

Par Yei Say’s first stint at KOM began in 2017, when he was placed here in the Minnesota Opportunity Corps Employment Navigator position and then became a Career Development Counselor. After that, Par Yei Say worked with Adaptable Workforce Solutions (AWI) as an account manager and as a Job Counselor. Now, he is back at KOM working as an Employment Outreach Specialist.

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