Ner Mu

Ner Mu, Youth Health Educator
Phone: 651-202-3132

Ner Mu was born on May 24, 1983 in the Karen State of Burma. When he was 9 year old, his village was burned down by the Burmese military and his family moved to Mae La refugee camp in Thailand. He graduated from Eden Valley Academy in Thailand. He worked at Eden Valley Academy as a teacher for 2 years and Handicap International for 1 year in Thailand. He and his family joined his cousin in the Netherlands in 2005. He obtained his Dutch High School Certificate in 2009. He worked with a health care organization in the Netherlands for one year. In 2011, he became a Dutch citizen. He moved to the United States on November 21, 2013. He joined KOM as a staff member on November 16, 2015 as a Community Health Coordinator. In July 2018, Ner Mu switched positions within KOM and served the refugee community as an Employment Counselor. In October of 2019, Ner Mu rejoined KOM’s health programs as a Youth Health Educator. He continues to be passionate about helping refugees from Burma become successful, build unity and contribute their skills to the larger society.

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