Nana Loo

Nana Loo, Youth and Family Coach
Phone: 651-202-3123

Nana Loo was born in Karen State in Burma. She moved to Tham Hin refugee camp in 1977. In May 2004, she came to the United States and settled in Minnesota. She enrolled and graduated from Como Park Senior High School in 2008, while working part time in a translating job.

After finishing school, Nana moved to Albert Lea and took on a job at Quality Pork Processors in production. During this time she also helped translate and do paperwork for Karen employees at Quality Pork Processors, tutored in the Austin Public Schools, and assisted with medical interpretation at the area hospital.

Nana has a passion for helping all refugees in any way she can. She started at KOM as a Health Education Coordinator in 2013, then worked as a Social Services Coordinator, and is now a Youth and Family Coach.

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