Mu La Tu

Mu La Tu, Career Development Counselor

Email:  |  Phone: (651)202-3113

Mu La Tu joined KOM in April 2020 as a Career Development Counselor. She was born in Thailand and lived in a refugee camp for 18 years. Because the cost of education in Thailand was too expensive for Mu La’s family, she decided to come to the United States for a better life. Mu La came by herself. Although she had fears, she put her strength in God and arrived safely in Saint Paul, Minnesota in 2008.

Her first 3 years in Saint Paul were very tough because of her English level. However, Mu Lah worked hard on her education and felt blessed through her struggles as she graduated from Roseville Area High School in 2012. Back in 2014, Mu Lah was among the first staff at KOM’s Marshall office. After almost 6 years, she rejoins KOM’s staff in Roseville in 2020.

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