Marner Saw

Marner Saw, Social Services Coordinator
Phone: 651-202-3103

Marner Saw was born in Burma in 1970. While in the refugee camp, he graduated from Kawmoorah High School, taught at Ahmoe Mission School, worked with a Thai missionary and write Karen newsletters. In March 2005, Marner moved to Minnesota with his family. For the last five years Marner has been a volunteer with the Karen Community of Minnesota (KCM) serving in the roles of Superintendent, Treasurer, and is currently the Secretary. Marner worked hard during the process of establishing Karen Organization of Minnesota (KOM) as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. Today, Marner is a Social Services Coordinator at KOM. He specializes in assisting clients with immigration services. His mission is to serve Karen people and celebrate Karen culture.

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