Kwa Lar Christ

Kwa Lar Christ, Minnesota Opportunity Corps Opportunity Navigator 


Phone: 651-202-3113

Kwa Lar Christ was born in Burma and moved to a refugee camp in Thailand. First, his older sister, Moo Moo Paw Htoo, one of our staff here at KOM, moved to the U.S., and he followed shortly after. He first arrived in Colorado and attended Area West College Prep Academy from middle school through 11th grade. Before finishing high school in Colorado, Kwa Lar’s sister called him to come up to Minnesota, where he then graduated from Roseville Area High School in 2017. His first job here was working at Double Dragon grocery, and after that he began working as an assistant with Japs-Olson, a printing company.  Kwa Lar Christ began working at KOM as a Minnesota Opportunity Corps Opportunity Navigator in late November 2018, and he is looking forward to this opportunity to gain more professional experience.

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