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KOM is happy to give media interviews for stories related to refugees from Burma living in Minnesota. For all media requests, please use the following information and adhere to the guidelines below.

Media Contact

Please direct all media inquiries to Eh Tah Khu or Alexis Walstad.

Organization Overview

The Karen Organization of Minnesota was founded in 2008 by refugees from Burma. As the first Karen-led social service agency in the U.S., KOM is often consulted by Minnesota and statewide agencies to learn about how to best serve refugees from Burma. KOM offers employment services, social services, community health, and youth development programs to over 3,000 refugees from Burma each year. The majority of our staff are refugees from Burma, which means they understand the needs and goals of the community we serve. KOM has 27 staff members and 2 AmeriCorps members.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Karen Organization of Minnesota is to enhance the quality of life for all refugees from Burma in Minnesota.


How many KarenĀ live in Minnesota?
KOM estimates that over 17,000 Karen live in Minnesota. Additionally, we estimate that 1,500 Karenni and 200 Mon live in Minnesota. Please note that these numbers are estimates. Refugee arrivals, secondary immigrants (moving from a different state in the U.S.), births, and deaths all contribute to the population of refugees from Burma in Minnesota. Data for refugee arrivals in Minnesota is gathered by theĀ Resettlement Programs Office of the Minnesota Department of Human Services. Other population data is reported by Karen community leaders.

Who does KOM serve?
KOM provides services to all refugees from Burma in Minnesota, including Karen, Karenni, Mon, Chin and more. Although KOM was founded by members of the Karen community, we serve all ethnic groups from Burma. KOM staff members speak English, Sgaw Karen, Pwo Karen, Karenni, Burmese, and Thai. KOM also provides services to other refugees as needed.


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