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KOM could not continue to offer services at the level it does without the many partnerships it has made with local organizations and entities. Please visit our partner’s websites to see the good work they are doing and to provide your support.

Featured Partner

WellShare International KOM is pleased to partner with WellShare International to offer culturally appropriate health programming to Karen women and youth in the community. The mission of WellShare International is to advance sustainable community health around the world. WellShare International and KOM co-created the curriculum for each of the health programs.

Youth Health Group:

The youth health group began in 2014 as a partnership between KOM and WellShare International. The lessons taught in the program cover the topics of tobacco and alcohol use, meth and marijuana use, reproductive health, and building healthy relationships. KOM and WellShare staff co-teach the class using presentations, discussions, videos, role-playing and activities. As a result of the lessons, Karen youth are able to make wise choices in their pursuit towards a healthy lifestyle.

Women’s Health Group:

The women’s health group began in 2012 as a partnership between KOM and WellShare International. KOM and WellShare lead classes for women on topics including sexuality, family communication, reproductive health, pregnancy, and medical visits. Karen women learn about the variety of medical services offered to them that may not have been offered in Thailand or Burma.

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Please let us know if your organization would like to be a partner with KOM.

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